Dear Colleagues, 

As you know, due to COVID 19 we were forced to cancel the face-to-face meeting of the ICLS 2020 conference in Nashville, TN. As promised, we have come up with a plan to honor the time and effort that we have all put into the conference, especially the strand leaders, workshop leaders, and reviewers who worked tirelessly to put together what we hoped would be an amazing program and wonderful gathering.  And, of course, you–– the members –– who worked hard to develop and submit your work.

Let’s start by acknowledging that there is simply no replacement for the kinds of conversations and exchanges that we have together in person—as we know it is the informal just as much as the formal spaces that make a conference great. We also want to acknowledge the toll that this pandemic has taken on our time, our finances, our concentration, and the simple management of our everyday lives. And finally, our membership spans the entire globe, making synchronous events challenging.

So, to that end, and with funding from the International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS), we are arranging for the highlighted features of the conference—the keynotes, a subset of special sessions, and (hopefully!) the best paper awardees–– to have their presentations hosted on the ISLS website. We also now have the option to share slides and/or short presentation video in ExOrdo, our online submission management system. In addition, we and the ISLS are moving ahead as planned with the professional preparation and online publication of the Proceedings of ICLS 2020 in the ISLS online repository, with all submissions having unique DOIs. Finally, a subset of workshops—those that would run smoothly online—will still be offered. These asynchronous plans allow us to ensure that all members have access to some of the content of the conference in a way that is as financially accessible as we can possibly make it. 


Melissa Gresalfi & Lani Horn

ICLS 2020 Co-Chairs