Get out your reading glasses friends, because we have a lot of information for you, which we share in painstaking detail below. It is our profound hope that people will read this carefully and save it for future reference to spare our inboxes a flood of emails posing the same questions addressed here. If, however, we missed something and you need to contact us, the best place is icls2020@vanderbilt.edu (not our personal emails, please!). Some information, particular content for the conference, is forthcoming, so this page will be updated as more links are made live.


Hopefully, you have seen the announcement from the ISLS board regarding changes to registration. Here is the summary: The decision to move the conference online has cut the costs by more than 75%, which is reflected in a new, significantly lower, registration fee of $150. However, we also know that funding has changed for some folks due to the pandemic. To help cover conference costs, if your funding allows, please pay the full registration fee ($150) . However, if you cannot pay the full fee, there are three additional registration fee options: $100, $50, and $0. You do need to register to access online conference events.

If you registered previously, you will be reimbursed in full, and then you will register again for this conference. We know that’s a bit wonky but we are trying to keep things as simple as possible for all of the various accounting structures (who knew that hosting a conference is like running a small business?)

Highlighted Conference Events

All online conference content will be hosted on the ISLS.org site. Accessing the page requires conference registration, but once there you will be able to access the schedule, final papers, and presentations.

We will create links to live streams of our three keynotes featuring Anna Sfard, Audrey Watters, and Leigh Patel. All Keynotes will be held at 8am US Pacific/11am US Eastern/3pm London/6pm Israel/11pm Singapore. We recognize that this time is not ideal for everyone, and to accommodate this, all presentations will be recorded and uploaded for later viewing.

In addition, a scheduled Special Session will be held that will also be livestreamed and recorded—more details soon!

Finally, it is our hope that the winners of the Best Paper and Best Student Paper will be willing to livestream their talks, but this is of course up to the discretion of the authors.

Optional Program Modifications

The schedule for presentations, which we created before we moved the conference online, will soon be live. The schedule is based on a typical working day in US Central Time, and we know that some presentations might be scheduled at times that are inconvenient time for the presenters. The time zone issue is one of the primary reasons that we have not moved to a fully online, real-time conference.

Please think of this schedule as an index of the work that is part of the conference, with the possibility to interact synchronously or asynchronously around that work. As an author, you may choose to add presentation slides, add a presentation video, or even schedule a live talk (at a time of your choosing). You may also choose to leave your paper just as it currently is—final papers that you uploaded are available to be viewed by anyone with access to the schedule.

To add your presentation slides or video, please follow these instructions. Note: We have been told that there are no file size limitations, but we all know that things upload more successfully when they are small.

To add information about livestreaming your session, please fill out this form. This will allow us to add the streaming address to your session information that is available on the program, and share and promote your presentations on Twitter and Facebook. You can also schedule your livestream session at a time that is convenient for you…just follow the instructions on the form.

Logistics, Rules, and Questions

As is the case for every ISLS-sponsored conference, you must be a member of the society in order for your paper to be included in the proceedings. Please ensure that this is completed no later than June 5, or your paper will be removed from the proceedings.

In order to access conference content, you must renew your ISLS Membership and be registered for the conference (this includes those who register and pay $0).

ICLS2020 Merchandise

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