Papers, Posters, and Symposia

ICLS accepts submissions for four different kinds of sessions: Full papers, short papers, posters, and symposia. Because these are published proceedings, we ask that authors submit papers in the publication format. This saves time for everyone and ensures that, should your paper be accepted, it is included in the proceedings.

Below are the exact guidelines for each type of session, including page length. All papers will be peer reviewed by at least two reviewers, as well as by a senior reviewer who is an expert in the area. The Program Committee reserves the right to determine whether a submitted paper is accepted for presentation as a long paper, short paper, or poster. All accepted papers, posters, and symposia will be published in the proceedings.


In order to ensure that we are able to provide a schedule for the conference as early as possible, we ask that revised, accepted, camera ready papers be submitted within two weeks after notification of acceptance.

Full Papers — 8 pages including references:

Full papers are for mature work, requiring lengthy explanations of the conceptual background, methodology and data and analysis. Full paper submissions should state: (a) the major issue(s) addressed, (b) potential significance of the work, (c) the theoretical and methodological approach(es) pursued, (d) major findings, conclusions, implications, and (e) relevant scholarly references.

Short Papers — 4 pages including references:

Short papers are for work that makes significant contributions, but that is still in progress, of smaller scale, or that can be reported briefly. Otherwise, the same criteria apply as listed for full papers above.

Posters — 2 pages including references:

Posters are for work in early stages and for novel and promising ideas. The two-page abstract should identify the aspect of the work that will likely lead to productive discussions with conference participants in a poster session, including figures exemplifying the visual support to be provided for these discussions in the poster.

Symposia — 8 pages including references:

Symposia are for conveying larger ideas or results about a specific issue. Discussion among members of the symposium and with the audience should be moderated to focus on certain positions or controversies. It is not sufficient for a symposium to simply be a set of related papers, such as papers from a specific research group. Rather, symposia proposals should and will be evaluated on their capacity to address larger issues of interest to the ICLS community.

A clear description should be provided of:

  • The overall focus of the symposium
  • The major issues addressed or overarching/integrative points illustrated by the collective work
  • How the collective presentations contribute towards the issues or points raised
  • The significance of the contributions
  • Separate, brief descriptions of the content of each presentation should be included in the 8-page submission

Submission Instructions:

Submissions should be written in English and follow the current version of the ISLS author guidelines (there is also a Microsoft Word template).